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We are proud to operate in Phoenix and Northern Arizona's largest commercial game processing facility. We use the latest technology to offer our customers the best cutting and packaging around.

Our Location's

Our Payson facility is located in the LONGHORN BUSINESS PARK located at  210 W. Longhorn Rd #102 Payson, AZ 85541 and is 1 block west of the Hwy 87 & Hwy 260 intersection in Payson.


Parking is extremely limited during business hours Monday –Friday and will represent a challenge. Please be flexible and courteous as we work through the limitations of our location.  All receiving will be through the roll-up door in our unit (the 2nd door from the right on the North Wing of the complex). Feel free to back up to the door and come in.

We will get your checked in quickly. If you are pulling a trailer, there is limited room to turn around and maneuver in the parking lot. If you are uncomfortable backing your trailer into the parking lot please park on the street (Colcord) next to the building and we can assist you getting your animal into the shop. When we have your animal on the hoist please pull your vehicle away from the building. In order to respect our neighbors all operations must take place inside the building and all blood and hair must be cleaned up immediately.  It is your responsibility to remove the head, hide, and legs from the facility. We cannot have these on the premises and they cannot be discarded in the facility dumpster.

Same Location - New Name

This facility was formerly Payson Elk Processing, we hold ourselves to the standards they set previously.

Cooler Space

There is limited space in the cooler and a shortage of processors in the area. We strive to have availability but we recommend calling or checking our Facebook page for capacity updates. Therefore we are unable to rent cooler space or store animals that we aren’t going to process.


Once in the shop, your animal will be skinned (if needed), quartered, tagged with your name, and placed in our walk-in cooler.  From there, each animal is processed individually and the nametag goes with it the whole time. We don’t mass process and you get back what you bring in. Once processed, your meat goes into the walk-in freezer. When it is frozen solid, the meat is boxed and your name goes on each box and stored is stored in the freezer until you pick it up or we deliver it. Delivery is arranged by phone or text message and is in the Bass Pro Shop parking lot in Mesa.

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